How to treat a snake bite

How to treat a snake bite
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Story written by Madge Walsh. Pictures provided by Madge Walsh. Pictured above: Herb McIn- tyre lying on the grass being treated by Bob and John Welsh


I was at a local club when I saw a friend, of previous water skiing days walk in, my memory strayed back to an incident that happened at Copi Hollow years ago.

It was decided by club members to make a film on how to treat snake bites. So, they arranged with a local photographer to come to Copi Hollow, and they’d pro- vide the actors for the film.

The day arrived, beautiful sunshine, while club members and friends arranged their chairs away from the camera, but in full view of the action about to take place on the lake, the camera started to roll Herb McIntyre walked to the beach where a speedboat was waiting. Secured his ski and signalled to the driver when he was ready and away he went, meanwhile unbeknown to all present, Joe Attard was walking his two dogs along the beach back from Box Hollow, towards where the filming was taking place.

A rubber snake had been placed near where Herbie was to walk back from
ski. After a lap of the lake, he walked up the beach, all was going smoothly, the camera still rolling when suddenly Herb clutched his leg and said in a loud voice enough to be heard walking by, heard Herb call out, grabbed a piece of clothing to

“ Quick! I’ve been bitten by a snake” Bob, as planned, was just walking by heard Herb call out, grabbed a piece of clothing to act as a tourniquet and rushed to his aid, motioned how not to struggle and while in the process of attending to him, Joe entered the sce- ne. As he walked over to see what was going on, Bob, out the corner of his mouth was say “Get out of it Joe! Bugger off its okay!”

Joe sees the snake and herb lying on the ground and refused to be side tracked, “Didn’t they realise the seriousness of it!” he pointed out.

It was at this stage all the spectators cracked up laughing. Our well planned act had gone Ka-put!

The sad fact was the photographer wiped the film off and so one of our fun- nier anecdotes of Copi Hollow was lost forever.

It is not completely lost!

We still have a photo of Herby lying on the grass being treated by Bob and John Welsh with the spectators watch- ing on.

It was fascinating listening to Madge tell me stories of the earlier days at Copi Hol- low and inspiring to hear that her last ski, jump start mind you was at the young ten- der age of 70 years and 2 months old (at that age I’m hoping that I can even walk hahaha). Madge writes stories of her life which was inspired by seeing an ad for a workshop at the local library this was were Madge wrote her first story of many many others. I’m hoping that Madge uncovers more stories that she wrote of Copi Hollow as the love of Copi Hollow was obvious in our conversation. Thanks Madge for the fantastic story! Can’t wait to read the next one.


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